Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Striped Full Skirt

When plans get cancelled and my time suddenly becomes free, I practically race to my sewing machine. I've been dreaming of so many summer dresses and skirts and shorts lately, but just haven't had much time to start any thing new.
Well today was the day I've been waiting for and this striped cotton fabric I dyed (very poorly I might add) months ago was calling my name.

I feel like my sewing skills are definitely getting better. Everything just looks much cleaner and neater on this skirt than previous projects. Well except for the back of the waistband with the button hole, but it's still an improvement. 
The most exciting part of this skirt for me was the inseam pockets. Pockets! I made a skirt with pockets! How exciting! I am totally just going to keep my hands in there at all times just because. 

The fabric was originally white with dark purple stripes. It was beautiful and I was really drawn to it when I found it at the thrift store, but once I decided its fate would most likely be a skirt I realized the boldness of the print just wasn't me. So I dyed the whole sheet at once, resulting in a rather uneven finished product. I was hoping that making it into a gathered full skirt would distract the eye from the uneven colour...but I don't think it really does. Oh well. I love this skirt so much now, and just don't care that it's not perfectly dyed.

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