Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby Bandana Bib

My lil' dude starting drooling before he was 3 months old. I saw these cute bandana bibs on Purl Bee a while back and didn't think too much of them until I had the exact same thought as the author: putting a regular bib on him makes him look like he's ready to eat, but not wearing a bib is no longer an option.
So it was clearly time to make him a cute bib disguised as a bandana around his neck.

I'm also enjoying these because they give him a little extra warmth around his neck which is one area that is often exposed to the cold when I wear him in any sort of carrier.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Winter Cowl

I've been eyeing this Purl Soho pattern for what feels like forever. Before my son was born I decided it would soon come to fruition and the opening of a new yarn shop in my neighbourhood seemed like the perfect push I needed to get started. 

I really loved the idea of using thread throughout as a way to add different spurts of colour but couldn't find thread that was affordable enough at my local shop. So I chose one big ball of multi colored sock yarn, and just altered how many strands of the sock yarn I used (or didn't use) to create a similar effect.
I love how thick and wide it is and have already been wearing it non-stop. So cozy!  

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