Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've been debating ditching the name "Make Something. Everyday" for a while now. When this blog began I just felt such an urge to try to encourage people to just make something (anything!) everyday. I also felt like the title would be a nice challenge for me to make something everyday to share with the world.
Well ever since Greenvale Chocolates took off I've been finding less and less time to make new things to share. I still do make something everyday but like any household ours has its fair share of repetitive meals and crafts.
So in an effort to focus more on those precious moments that I create something new (rather than focusing on creating new things everyday) I have changed the name of my blog.
Nothing else will change, and I suppose it doesn't really mean anything. I guess it's more so for my own personal piece of mind. "Domestic Bliss" is just so much more representative of how I really feel about being a homemaker. I love it!

And speaking of repetitive meals, I think it's time for me to get started on making some quiche for dinner.
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