Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Greenvale Chocolates

So it's been about a month or so now that I've been making and selling my chocolates at the Dartmouth Farmers Market. So far my little tasty treasures have been quite well received. (Thanks Dartmouth!)
But last weekend I packed up all my gear and headed to Halifax to sell my chocolates at the Night Flea Market at the Khyber which was co-hosted by my friend Natalie.
The flea market was awesome, so much great used and handmade goodies to choose from. And my chocolates were a hit! (Thanks Halifax!)

Here's a shot of my set up at the night flea market. I shared my space with my amazingly talented friend Lindsay. She was selling the most co-ordinated packs of paper and craft oddities (which you can also find in her Etsy shop) as well zines, notebooks and necklaces.

So if you're in the Dartmouth area on a Saturday between 8am - 1pm stop by the Alderney Landing Farmers Market for some handmade chocolates! Also you can follow me on Twitter for up to date info on all my chocolate offerings. 
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