Friday, March 11, 2011

One Button Cardigan

First attempt at a cardigan.
Not exactly smitten with the results, but that is completely my fault.

I chose a pattern based on how easy it looked, rather than how much I really liked the design, which was Mistake #1. Then I screwed up in various ways and didn't fix it, which was Mistake #2.
Good thing Mistake #2 doesn't matter due to Mistake #1.

Aside from my dropping stitches, creating little holes where I made new stitches, and screwing up the ribbing, I really think the armholes are just too big for my liking. I know that was the intent of the pattern, and it's totally my fault for not realizing I was making something I wouldn't like. Silly me!

So the good news is I've learned that I CAN knit a sweater! It wasn't that hard, and went by quickly thanks to many episodes of The Tudors.
And yes I'm going to start a new one right away with all the appropriate adjustments (and lack of mistakes) so that I will actually like it.Pin It


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