Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stamped Wrapping Paper

This morning I woke up quite early and immediately had christmas songs in my head and couldn't stop thinking about christmas crafts, and entertaining. After trying to ignore my crazy self and get back to sleep (which did not work) I hopped out of bed, put on christmas tunes and started crafting. 

For years I have wrapped gifts in old newspapers or other repurposed materials. Last year for some reason I gave in to my inner christmas fanatic and bought the shiniest, most offensive looking metallic wrapping paper. I guess after years of newspaper wrapped gifts, I was really craving some eye-catching presents. 
Well I'm more or less back to my old ways this year, but I think I've definitely upped the cute factor. 

The paper I used is a fairly heavy weight paper, originally used in packing boxes. I generally save any kind of blank paper like this I can find, knowing that once December hits I'll use it all up.

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