Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Stockings

I have spent a long time pondering what style of stocking I'd like to make for my husband and I.
This is the first year we're not spending the holidays with family, therefore the first year we won't be stuffing gifts into my mother's hand made stockings that I've had since childhood.
Trust me when I say that I'm a bit of a Christmas-a-holic and that deciding on new stockings felt like a big deal.

The stockings we had growing up with were made of red felt with metallic rick rack trim, our name spelt out in felt letters, and a bell on the toe. I loved them. But I wanted something more....us.
After browsing through some holiday decorating ideas online I came across the cutest rustic christmas scene complete with wool socks as stockings, and knew I had found the inspiration I was looking for.

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