Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recycled Stripes & Florals

Another round of recycled garments! I hope you are enjoying these transformations as much as I am. 

This adorable striped t-shirt with hidden buttons was made possible by the dress below. That is a dress...right? (Wow. I would have loved to see someone wearing this thing...)
Originally I planned on making it into a short dress, but (oops!) I cut it too short and I had no choice but to go even shorter. 
This light breezy nautical-esque dress was apparently so ugly my husband actually didn't believe it couldn't be salvaged. Ha! I showed him!

And last but certainly not least is this lil floral number (have you noticed I have a thing for florals?). Check out the twirl factor! That is the sign of a fun comfy dress if you ask me.

And here was the dress as I found it, a permanent resident of Frump City.
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