Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cherry Tomatoes

If I was only able to grow one thing next year in my garden it would be tomatoes. Sure I've enjoyed growing lettuce, kale, zucchini, peppers and herbs, but tomatoes take the cake.
Is there really anything better than freshly picked sweet cherry tomatoes?

My tiny urban patio garden has earned the same envious skepticism ("What? You grew these?? Wow I wish I could do that.") as do many of my usual domestic affairs ("What? You made this?? Wow I wish I could do that"). But guess what? You can do it too, I promise!
If you have any outdoor space at all that gets 6 or more hours of sunlight a day, you can grow tomatoes. You can easily find wonderful transplants at farmers markets in the spring, or you can grow them from seed indoors if you have lots of sunlight inside your home.
With lots of sun, water and love you'll have a beautiful bounty of tomatoes in no time. 
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  1. This is so inspiring (actually - your whole blog is); thank you! I'm slightly obsessed with cherry tomatoes (and basil, and peas...) and would love to grow my own. I didn't realize it was so easy! I have only recently acquired a patio and back yard, though, so by next spring I'll be better prepared to plant :)


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