Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pickled Radishes

As the farmers markets fill up with fresh local produce it doesn't take long for this housewife to start thinking of the pickling and preserving opportunities.
I'm in need of a few new tools before I fully embark on the canning mayhem that will eventually consume my kitchen this summer. So until then I'll be making lots of "refrigerator" pickles that aren't shelf stable and will last about a month or two in my fridge. If they last that long without being eaten...

If you love radishes and have never had a pickled one, you need to make a jar of these little pink beauties right away.

I used the same recipe that I mentioned last fall, but used a touch less sugar (about a tablespoon instead of a 1/4 cup). Make sure you use really fresh crisp produce when making any kind of pickles, because a slightly soft rubbery vegetable will make a very rubbery and unappetizing pickle (I'm sadly speaking from experience).

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  1. Hi! Just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog (I found it via your sisters tumblr... she recently did a tattoo on me)
    I wanted to tell you about lacto fermentation incase you hadn't heard about it.. here is a link to a blog with a bunch of good info
    Anyways- it's just a simple way to preserve food, thats not quite as complicated as canning can be!

  2. that looks super interesting! i think i'll try a few jars of the salsa for sure, and am totally going to check out the book she recommends.
    thanks ceilidh!


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