Thursday, June 2, 2011

Knee Length Floral Dress

Finally I made a longer length summer dress that doesn't feel frumpy! I think it'll be the perfect dress to wear out to a summery dinner with my husband tonight.

I recently bought this fabric at a thrift store (big surprise right?) and was just SO in love with the pattern that I was just itching to make something with it right away. Initially I planned on just making a simple skirt, not too full but with a nice wide waistband. As I began I realized I didn't have any zippers that were short enough, so decided to make a dress instead (but then in the end didn't need a zipper anyway!). 
I was inspired by a dress I saw recently that had a smooth wide waist band that separated the bodice from the full skirt and decided to give it a try. I also have been trying to modify my bodice pattern (from Built by Wendy Dresses by Wendy Mullins) to fit me better without being too tight. While trying on the unfinished dress I pulled it tight in the back and loved the idea of having some volume and pleats in the back with a smooth flat waist band between them. It's not perfect...but I still love the look.

Up next on my sewing agenda are capri pants, high waisted short shorts, more skirts, and maybe a loose fitting tank! Sew excited!
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  1. Will you be modelling this for your favorite TIBS customers? :)


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