Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buttony Cardigan

Hooray! Another sweater finished!

Well....that's not entirely true. I do feel very accomplished and happy with this sweater, but truthfully the sleeves are too tight and I'm promptly going to take them out and redo them.
But other than that one (or two) tiny details, I'm ecstatic about finishing this. I used a yarn that was probably not really a good choice (I think it's meant more for weaving, not very soft) but it was free and I really didn't want to spend money on fancy yarn when I'm still learning how to make sweaters. And I actually really love the color despite the fact it's not something I would normally wear. I found the pattern on (aka my newest source of procrastination). 
The photo above shows the color the best. Kind of a burnt red-orange with hints of dark brown.

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  1. HOLY CUTE!! I like the way this is shaped!!

  2. Great! maybe with some washing that yarn will soften up?


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