Monday, April 18, 2011

Blue Floral Babydoll Dress

I bought a simple black cotton babydoll dress many years ago from H&M that I loved to bits. The last year or so it just hasn't looked great and I sadly realized that it's days of being my favourite year round dress were over. Good thing I can just reproduce the dress myself.

I plan on buying a similar light weigh black cotton to make a new one, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to practice sewing the dress once or twice before I spend money on new fabric.

My new dress is generally the same as my old one. I plan on making some changes to the yoke the next time around, and maybe shrink the pleats a bit.
The fabric I used this time around was (you guessed it!) old thrifted sheets that I dyed blue, except for the yoke which is the original fabric.
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  1. This is so cute! I may have to enlist you as my personal clothing maker!

    I love everything! Especially this one and the shift dress :)

  2. SO CUTE! I don't think you need to buy new fabric, this is so lovely! How do you go about recreating? Do you start from scratch, or trace out the panels on the original? (if you have answered this question on your blog, i am sorry and shall read on!!) I have started a bit of pattern cutting recently and am finding it is opening up a whole world of new clothes!

    Emilia. xxx

  3. For this dress I pretty much just guessed how it might be constructed haha! I used a shift dress pattern and just made the bodice into more of a yoke and brought the skirt all the up to meet it. Although the original dress I was trying to recreate has an even shorter yoke that ends up making the dress feel more flowy. So back to the drawing board I go!

    I'm totally impressed with all the pattern drafting on your blog, and have been pondering taking a class too. I could really use the help.
    I have a pair of shorts that I want to recreate that I've simply traced onto paper...we'll see how that turns out ;)


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