Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quick Pickle Potato Salad

Ok so I know I've been pretty glum what with all the cloudy days we've been having lately, and I tried my hardest to bring a piece of sun into my life (and mouth) with those cookies yesterday. But I think I'm starting to feel optimistic that the sun might actually one day return to our skies. The weather forecast still says I have to deal with another 4 days of clouds and rain, but now that I have this potato salad I think I'll be alright. This potato salad embodies summer for me, and after a long winter the crisp taste of pickled cucumber and fresh radishes just really hits the spot.

I discovered this recipe last summer on Smitten Kitchen. You can check out the full version of her recipe or you can just do what I do (below), because really how exact do you need to be when you're making a salad like this? Not very in my opinion.

1 cucumber
3 tablespoons white vinegar
2 teaspoons coarse salt

5 or 6 small potatoes
6 radishes
1/2 shallot (or green onion)
handful of dill
spoonful of mayo
salt and pepper

So the quick pickling of the cucumbers is really the only part where you should pay attention to measurements. In a shallow container with a lid, combine the vinegar and salt and let salt dissolve. Slice cucumber very thin using a mandoline, then add to the container along with some dill. Put on the lid, shake it well, put in the fridge and leave it either all day or overnight, shaking it occasionally.
Boil potatoes until tender, drain, let cool, and then chop or slice.
Drain cucumbers and combine with potatoes in a large bowl. Add sliced radishes, shallot, dill and mayo. Add only a small spoonful of mayo at first (even if it really doesn't seem like much). Toss to coat, season with salt and pepper and taste. Add more mayo if necessary.

I think this salad really tastes pretty great right away, but it'll also be pretty great the next day.Pin It

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  1. I would do a lot of horrible things for a bowl of that right now.


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