Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poached Eggs with Asparagus

Last saturday after spending my morning at the farmers markets picking up my week's worth of local groceries, I made myself a delicious little brunch consisting of poached eggs atop steamed asparagus and sprinkled with grated gouda. It was delicious, fresh and hit the spot.
Today I made the same simple meal again but jazzed it up a bit with some fresh dill and scallions, and crispy proscuitto.

It has taken a bit of practice for me to master poached eggs. There are so many different tricks and tips you can find online related to making the perfect poached egg, but this post on Everybody Likes Sandwiches was definitely the most helpful for me.

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  1. that is so beautiful and Spring-like!

    YAY! What a nourishing lunch!

  2. I just tried the method on "Everybody Likes Sandwiches" and they turned out perfect!! You just saved my breakfast. Thanks!

  3. Haha, I saw that on twitter and wondered if I had anything to do with it...
    Hooray and congrats!


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