Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag

I think if I were to make a list of The Top 50 Things Wrong with the World AKA Things That Make Me Sad, Lululemon and its customers would be in there somewhere. 

But seriously sometimes I wish yoga wasn't so trendy.
I'm happy that its popularity has exposed so many people to such a wonderful practice, and that more people are relaxing and letting go. There are so many stressed out and overworked people in the world that can really benefit to some quiet time and a good long stretch.
I'm happy that its immense popularity means I have more than enough options for where and with whom I'd like to practice.
But here's what I don't understand; aside from a mat, the only other necessity to practice yoga is an clear mind and open heart. So where did this million dollar yoga industry come from? Who spends $100 on a mat, and then another $50 on a bag? And while you're at it why not another $100 on some "yoga" pants. Yikes.

Ok. I think I'm done complaining.
I really just wanted to show you this cute little bag I made for my yoga mat but got distracted thinking about all those bags you can buy, and all those other useless things you "need" for yoga. Sheeseh.

I made this bag using an old sheet from Value Village and I just used my mat as a guide rather than using a pattern. Check out this video from Pink of Perfection for more help.Pin It

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