Monday, January 24, 2011

Caramel Filled Chocolate

I know I've already mentioned my current chocolate infatuation, but I should explain that it's actually all in fact my husbands fault. For Christmas this year his gift to me was a beautiful marble slab, some good quality chocolate and of course lessons from our cafe's newest baker/resident chocolate expert, on how to create my own chocolates at home.

Yesterday was my first attempt without supervision and I made three different kinds of chocolate treats: peanut butter cups, mint truffles, and these chocolates filled with soft caramel, which were by far the most amazing and delicious of them all.

The funny thing is that after spending hours making and tasting all these goodies, I quickly lose my appetite for chocolate (crazy, I know) and then my husband ends up eating most of them. Which leads me to think that perhaps his gift to me was actually quite self-serving.
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  1. They look AMAZING!! Great photos! I may be knocking on your door tomorrow.... what can I trade you for chocolates?? hmmm.....

  2. Eep! They're almost gone already, but I should be making more very soon. I promise to deliver some asap!


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