Tuesday, January 25, 2011

High Waisted Gathered Mini Skirt

This skirt definitely looks homemade. It looks like it could have been my first Home Economics project in jr. high school.
But you know what? I still love it all the same. Because I made it! And it fits me (almost) perfectly. But I love it most of all because it makes me feel cheery and springy even though it's freezing outside.

From this distance you can see the adorable wooden button, but not the crappy button hole and zipper seams. You can see the crooked hem if you look closely, so please don't.
Check out its twirl potential. The Next skirt I make will be even twirlier!
Also, the fabric I used is actually an old sheet that I dyed. You can't really make out the colour in the above photos but it's actually a very soft pale blue. 

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