Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Winter Cowl

I've been eyeing this Purl Soho pattern for what feels like forever. Before my son was born I decided it would soon come to fruition and the opening of a new yarn shop in my neighbourhood seemed like the perfect push I needed to get started. 

I really loved the idea of using thread throughout as a way to add different spurts of colour but couldn't find thread that was affordable enough at my local shop. So I chose one big ball of multi colored sock yarn, and just altered how many strands of the sock yarn I used (or didn't use) to create a similar effect.
I love how thick and wide it is and have already been wearing it non-stop. So cozy!  

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  1. I LOVE THIS! And the colours are so lovely and wintery!!


  2. Nice winter cowl! The pattern is amazing, this is really perfect for winter season. The colors are also lovely, and your cowl is thick,that's why it is so comfortable to use. Good job Alexis! Thanks for sharing.


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