Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3D Paper Garland

More cute paper garland! I can't stop!
Actually this is the first garland I started last week but somehow it got pushed aside once I started cutting out the glittery circles for the other holiday garland I made. 
To make these I folded a couple circles in half and then glued one half to another half, and kept gluing the folded circles to each other until I was happy with the amount of layers. Then I just put thread in the middle (where all the folded edges meet) and glued the last two sides together. 
I think the little 3D circles would make really cute simple ornaments for a christmas tree and the flat strands of circles would look great acting as ribbon on a present. 
Looks like I've got more crafting to do!
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  1. The 3d circles look really cute, can you give some details and how you made them?

  2. I just edited the post to include some details. Hope that helps!


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