Monday, February 21, 2011

Log Cabin Rug

Thanks to Mason Dixon Knitting (and their wonderful tutorial) I have just completed my first knitted log cabin pattern!
Sure it's not perfect (aren't you used to that by now with my creations?), there are some slightly crooked edges here and there, but I think once I block it and attach it to a non-slip rug backing I think it'll look just fine. Besides, it is only to wipe off our feet with.

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  1. I really like your rug. I just finished knitting a rag rug and it hadn't even occurred to me to attach a backing to it. Good idea! Would love to hear how that works out :)

  2. I used a non-slip rubber rug backing on another knitted rug I made and it definitely helps keep it in place.
    I think it all depends on your material too. My first knitted rug was a lot softer and slippery on my concrete floors. I'm (very slowly) working on a braided rag rug and I was hoping I can get away without a backing. Does yours feel like it will slip around too much on the floor?


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