Thursday, February 3, 2011

Huevos Rancheros

So, did you make any tortillas yesterday?
If not, here's another reason to do so today.

Half of my reasoning for making tortillas the other day was so I could eat them for breakfast. If someone had told me years ago that fried eggs taste amazing with lime juice and avocados I probably would have raised one eyebrow and let out a "Huh?".
But trust me it's SO good.

So here's what I do:

For starters when I make a batch of tortillas I only roll out enough to eat for that meal and leave the rest of the little dough balls on a plate covered in plastic wrap in the fridge for later. 

So this morning I rolled out two of those little beauties and fried them up. 
Meanwhile I sliced half an avocado and juiced half a lime over it, letting it sit there in lime juice. 
I shredded a little gouda (or whatever cheese I have on hand) and sprinkled it over the warm tortillas, along with a few small spoonfuls of green salsa. 
While my eggs are frying, I arranged the avocado slices over the cheese and salsa, and sprinkle any remaining lime juice over everything. 
Finally I top the tortillas with the fried eggs (sprinkled with a pinch of salt) and then I dig in!

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