Monday, September 20, 2010


I think making bread is something everyone should learn how to do. Nothing compares to freshly baked bread, and you'd be amazed at what tasty loaves can result without much practice.

Bread making gets a bad rap for being so time consuming, but similarly to yogurt making, it's a really easy little project to start and come back to at points in your day.

Making the dough takes maybe 5-10 minutes, then it rises and you ignore it for 1-2 hours. After it's doubled in size punch it down, knead a little, and then ignore it for another hour or so. Then throw it in a hot oven and 30 minutes or so later, you've got bread.
Easy as pie bread!

One thing I love about bread making is how simple, it can be. Have water, yeast and flour? Well then you can have bread. Of course there are a million things you can add to it, but those three ingredients are all you really need.

I recently took the plunge into the world baking bread with a sponge/starter (it's the gross looking stuff in the jar below) and you wouldn't believe how much it can improve the taste and texture of your bread.

I don't think I'm going to post any particular recipe for you today...but I will share a few of my favourite links and resources for anyone curious about baking bread, and hopefully you'll be inspired to make some of your own.

- any books by Peter Reinhart or Jim Lahey

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