Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Color Block Baby Sweater

Another cute little hand knit for my cute little guy. 

I started this sweater the week he was born and was about half way through the blue when he decided to show up. I worked on it a bit in the hospital and then at home I slowly figured out how to juggle knitting and nursing. I was planning on it just being 4 colors but I not only ran out of yellow yarn but also misjudged how much yarn I'd need for the yoke so I had to add the white. 

This is definitely my sharpest looking hand knit (thanks merino yarn!) and I think it's making my husband envious. Time to pull out the sweater I started for him last year so I can finally finish it. 

By the way, I used this pattern for a seamless raglan in case you're interested.
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