Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Garden Update

Lately I'm all about the COLOUR in my garden! Seeing little bits of bright pink or orange peeking out from within the jungle of green just makes me so happy. This could also be because my garden isn't producing much in the way of edibles right now. Aside from herbs, some lettuce and edible flowers, I'm still mostly waiting for things to mature (or show up at all). 
So let's dive right into the good stuff shall we? CHERRIES!! Aren't these spectacular?? Mostly because we had no idea we owned a cherry tree until it started to bloom early this spring, and then weeks later when fruit slowly started to appear. 

Sadly there is some major disease affecting the tree and  a lot of the fruit fell from the tree before it had a chance to ripen. Luckily for us there is still plenty of fruit that is just begging to be eaten.

My nasturtiums are having a roaring good time. My mother pointed out that picking off a lot of the leaves will help it bloom. Well after a few batches of nasturtium green pesto, my plants are full of blooms! Anyone have any great nasturtium flower recipes or favourite uses?
I love these apricot coloured nasturtiums that are hiding amongst my brussels sprouts and kale.

My cucumber plants are finally taking off too. My pea plants are providing some deliciously  sweet peas and my tomatoes are finally starting to fruit.

And finally one lonely cosmo in a pretty little shade of pale pink. I sure hope more of these pop up soon.

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