Saturday, May 5, 2012

Knitted Baby Onesie

I've had my eye on this adorable little onesie pattern for what seems like forever. Probably since long before I was pregnant actually, back when my baby knits were only for friends. 
I made it in approximately a 6 month-ish size hoping that it'll be winter by the time our son will fit into it. I'm now making a little hat to match in the same colour as the trim and maybe I'll make a matching pair of socks too.  Somebody's going to be cute as a button!

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  1. Quite the cutest outfit for these little buggers. :) Love the designs and the look of it.

  2. so sweet! how did you learn to knit in the round? do you have a tutorial or book you could recommend? thanks!

  3. my favourite book for learning all things knitting is "the ultimate knitting bible"

    but i also sometimes just need to watch someone show me a new stitch in a video. is great for that.

    here's a video on circular knitting:

  4. I'm beginner in knitting and found this cute onesie and I'm looking forward to make this pattern in the near future! Thanks for sharing your resources.


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